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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  June 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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did not inform amaro and this organization until late this morning when they met at the ballpark. sandberg said he didn't want to get in the way of possible decisions down road. sandberg took over for charlie manuel towards the end of one to 13 and over his time he lost 40 more games than he wop. the phils are the worst team in baseball this year and it has been beating away at the hall of famer. >> i am stepping down as manager of the philadelphia phillies. it's not an easy decision and a lot of ways i'm old school and i'm very, very much dissatisfied with the record and not pleased at all with that and i think that goes hand in hand. >> sandberg later got emotional at his press conference as he walks away from his first managerial job. third base coach will take
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over and the phils will not say who will be in champ of hiring a permanent replacement as the phillies manager. lots of developments. we'll have much more. jaime apody will be down at the ballpark later tonight on "action news." live from the sports center jeff skversky channel6 "action news." >> indeed shocking developments. now let's get a check on the accuweather forecast. there's a flood watch in effect for our area this weekend. >> let's head over to meteorologist adam joseph. >> not everyone will be under the flood watch. we're tracking this system on double scan live radar. it's entering the ohio valley. even severe weather with it, cincinnati tornado warning with one particular cell but it's a lot of heavy rain and it is aiming in our direction. as we look at future tracker to time this, it's clear overnight tonight with respect to any rain falling from the
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sky. about noontime tomorrow that's when we start to see some of the steadier rainfall pulling in. you see a couple pockets of heavier rain, maybe a rumble of thunder. as we go through the evening hours an saturday this is 8 o'clock. you can see the torrential rain across much of the area especially philadelphia to the lehigh valley and the poconos a little less intense as you head towards the coastline. so as we go through saturday afternoon into sunday morning that's when we're expecting the heaviest of the rain and this is where the flood watch will go into effect. it's for new castle county in delaware and then delaware county in pennsylvania, philadelphia points to the north and west up through the lehigh valley. it does not include southern parts of delaware or any part of new jersey. as we go into that first part of the weekend that possibility of flooding is there. doesn't mean it's going to happen but it's something we'll watch as we see a few inches of rain likely. your weekend outlook on saturday that rain arrives. it turns very steady and heavy
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in the afternoon and evening of 74 degrees. but on sunday we do start to kick the clouds out. we'll get a little bit of sunshine in here and mainly dry with the temperature moving up from the 74 on saturday to 79. now we're going to time out that rain more specifically on future tracker and let you know how much rain you could see coming up in that full accuweather forecast. guys. >> adam we'll check back in later. thank you. we are following an historic day in the debate over same-sex marriage. >> yeah, the supreme court ruled today it is now legal in all 50 states. we begin our team coverage with stephanie ramos in washington, d.c. >> that's a four word, on to the front of the supreme court equal justice under law applies to us, too. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: outside the supreme court, joy. [cheers and applause] >> reporter: in the narrow five-four decision the court said today same-sex couples do have a constitutional right to marry in all 50 states. as we've seen in many close
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decisions recently justice anthony kennedy was the deciding vote. >> our love is equal. >> reporter: jim oberkfell sued his home state of ohio to make the state recognize him as the widower of his partner of 20 years. >> it's my hope that the term gay marriage will soon be a thing of the past, that from this day forward, it will simply be marriage. >> reporter: president obama called oberkfell to congratulate him on this historic ruling. 37 states and the district of columbia already allow same-sex marriage but with this decision same-sex couples in the remaining 13 states will have that same right. not everyone who is at the court this morning agrees. >> we hope that millions of americans who still believe that a marriage is one man and one woman will continue to proclaim that truth today. >> reporter: president obama says this is a victory for america. >> our nation was founded on a
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bedrock principle that we are all created equal. >> reporter: the obama administration has stepped up support for same-sex marriage. president obama even took to twitter with the #love wins. at the supreme court stephanie ramos, channel6 "action news." >> and the news resonated here in philadelphia with mayor michael nutter releasing a statement in support of the decision. later tonight there's a rally planned at the national constitution center and that's where david henry is live for us as we continue our team coverage this afternoon. hi david. >> reporter: yeah, hi, this is the site, the national constitution center here in philadelphia where gay rights activists and supporters will be holding a victory rally in about an hour from now. this is without a doubt a big day for those who have been working toward this for decades. >> big moment. emotional moment. >> reporter: tom and his son james happen to be at the national constitution center when they heard the news. they're in town for his son
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patrick's wedding. now the door to marriage is also opened to james. >> all kinds of discrimination in this country is moving away away. confederate flag taken down in south carolina and other states hopefully and i think it's a great thing as the way the country is moving forward. everybody is equal. >> never necessarily thought i would be getting married but it's great that now i can if i wanted to. so yeah, it's a big day. >> reporter: the national constitution center has been featuring an exhibit on gay rights and the supreme court not knowing what the court would decide. now they know and visitors are welcome to post their comments for and against. bob is the curator. >> people have been working on this for 50 years. it's accelerated and today we're reaping the fruit of all that work so i couldn't be happier. >> reporter: former pennsylvania governor ed rendell toured the exhibit and says the court did the right thing. >> i think it's the right ruling. i connecticut receive in
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america you could create two classes of people that wouldn't have the same rights. >> reporter: the gay rights movement began with demonstrations outside independent hall 50 years ago. a national celebration on july 4th will commemorate the anniversary of those demonstrations. the chairman of the event says today's ruling ends decades of struggle. >> 50 years later we should be at a point in time when we are now treated as full first class american citizens with the right to marry the person of our choice is just monumental. >> reporter: the struggle doesn't entirely end here. there are now new calls for antidiscrimination legislation here in pennsylvania and across the country. live at the national constitution center, david henry, channel6 "action news." rick. >> all right, david, thank you. well, while some celebrated, the archdiocese of philadelphia took a much different tone today. archbishop charles chaput said
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the court's decision is not a surprise. he said "the surprise will come as ordinary people begin to experience firsthand and painfully the impact of today's action on everything they thought they knew about marriage, family life, our laws and our social institutions. the task now for believers is to form our own families even more deeply in the love of god and to rebuild a healthy marriage culture one marriage at a time from the debris of today's decision ." our coverage of this historic ruling continues at there you'll find more details about the decision as well as reaction from across the country. it's all right there right now at >> it's been very violent day across the globe. investigations under way in europe and africa after three separate terror attacks. and we've learned that one of them has ties to our region. that one happened in france at an american gas factory based in lehigh county. a man with suspected ties to
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islam particular radicals rammed a car into the building triggering an explosion that killed two people. officials say the severed head of the employer was left hanging at the factory's entrance along with banners with arabic inscriptions. a suspect is in custody. that factory attack in france came on the same day a gunman mode down scores of tourist on a beach in tunisia killing 37 people. officials say this attack is the worst in tunisian history. they say it was carried out by a young student not previously known to authorities. the rampage ended when he was shot to death by police who say he was certainly involved with certain extremists. and at about the very at the same time as that attack, a suicide bomber killed over two dozen worshipers at a shiite mosque in kuwait killing at least 25 people. isis is taking responsibility. it's unclear if these three attacks are linked but today's violence in three separate
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countries comes just days after isis militants urged their followers to make ramadhan a month of calamities for the nonbelievers. rick and sharrie. >> okay. >> very disturbing news. alicia thanks. time for the "action news" traffic report. >> friday afternoon, let's go to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. folks trying get a head start on their weekend. >> officially this is our first friday afternoon of summer 2015 and it's living up to the reputation we have for friday afternoons in the summer time as not being so great on the roads. bunch of problems starting on 95 northbound side here by allegheny avenue. there's a pickup truck that seemed to have lost a tire or is kind of leaning at one point. penndot is out there helping out but the right lane is blocked as you travel northbound here close to allegheny so it's causing extra heavy delays coming out of center city. we also have northbound delays headed towards the walt whitman bridge. you know what that is, it's shore traffic on a summertime friday afternoon with speeds in the teens as travel northbound by broad street. teens on the southbound side
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from the airport on down to the blue route. that's where there's a crash taking out the left center lane contributing to the slowing in that normally slow spot. meanwhile this is the ben franklin bridge westbound side jam packed headed into center city not helping us out on the vine street expressway westbound. there's a broken down vehicle by the ben franklin parkway so those delays spilling back onto the ben franklin bridge. and 42 southbound still extra heavy off the walt whitman bridge down to the black horse pike earlier crash there has cleared. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this friday afternoon. south jersey, chester county delaware county still seeing a lot of downed treatments a lot of traffic lights not working one on westerly drive and berlin cross keys road. we'll can check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. another global retailer agrees to give american workers a raise. >> plus, a public memorial for the leader of the south carolina church attacked by a gunman. hear prob's message as he
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delivered the eulogy today. >> back here the tall ships festival continues along delaware but it's missing one of its biggest attractions. we have the inside scoop on the damaged duck. >> ♪♪
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>> now's of people gathered in charleston south carolina to pay their final respects to the pastor killed in last week's church attacks. president obama was among them leading a group of national leaders to the city for clementa pinkney's funeral. between songs and moving signs people took to the podium to remember reverend pinkney. the arena was filled to capacity with 5,000 people. president obama delivered the eulogy for the husband father senator and pastor who was slain in his own sanctuary calling him above all else a good man. >> sometimes i think that's best thing to hope for when
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you're eulogizeed. after all the words recitations and resumes are read just to say somebody was a good man. (applause). >> mourners stood in line in blistering heat for hours to say a final goodbye. pinkney was one of nine people shot to death last week in the church he proudly led. today's message of forgiving unity in light of hateful race fueled massacre. and president barack obama delivering a very long, very passionate and very special eulogy for this man rick. >> it was special. thank you alicia. in other news ikea is the latest company to raise its minimum wage. it will pay employees at least $10 an hour next year. some are getting a raise to more than $14 an hour. that's a 15 percent raise over the company's current pay scale. the move follows the plan ikea
4:17 pm
launched back in january that z paces the play to cost of living. >> and here's a look at the days closing numbers on this friday. the dow closed up about 56 points to 17947 the nasdaq closed down just over 5,000. the s & p also closing down at 2100 and change. of course it's been a fortunate the week hasn't been that bad despite today's down numbers. >> well, its day two of the tall ships festival and as crowds pack both sides of the delaware river they may notice one of the bigger attractions is missing in action. as "action news" reporter eva pilgrim explains there was a bit of a mishap. >> reporter: the banks of the delaware are bustling. crowds of people all here for different reasons to see the
4:18 pm
tall ships. >> 'cause my parents made me come. >> i'm most excited about the coast guard ship because it's pretty big and look like a lot of people are on there so it must have something exciting about it. >> i get motion sick. >> reporter: one thing noticeably missing today, the world's largest rubber ducky. >> i'm a little upset about that. >> i thought it was on the camden side. >> camera shy yesterday. >> reporter: yesterday you may have noticed it look like the duck was hiding her head a bit. she had a little bit of award robe malfunction. >> the pontoon will be repaired. >> reporter: duck or no duck, there are plenty of tall boats to see, explore and experience. >> i think they'll be impressed once they get on some of these ships. >> reporter: if you would like to check out the tall ships they'll be here all weekend. do you still have just a little bit of time to get down here tonight. will it close up at 5 o'clock. in penn's landing eva pilgrim
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channel6 "action news." >> let's hope momma duck makes a full recovery. if you're headed to the jersey shore this weekend you might want to check out the sea isle city food truck festival. the event brings together some of the best food trucks in the tri-state area. and they're all parked at kick's mcconsult nulty at 63rd and landis avenue today through sunday. inned audition to the food trucks there's craft beer cocktails and plenty options for dessert as well as live entertainment for the entire family. >> looks delicious. >> yes. >> time now for the accuweather forecast on a friday. >> let's check in with meteorologist adam joseph. >> i wish that weather for tomorrow would be appetizing but not the case unfortunately. as we look at sky6 right now in cape may new jersey you can see the folks are on the sand enjoying the afternoon and the sand tomorrow i think you could have pretty much any space you want 'cause there will be very little people on the shore tomorrow. as we take a look at the at the temperatures, 83 in
4:20 pm
allentown, we get a sea breeze kicking in with temperatures between 72 and 73 degrees. the heavy rain developing from chicago saint louis to cincinnati. you do have some severe weather with it especially the farther south you are away from that low that's developing just south of chicago. we've even got some tornadoes warning right now in the ohio valley with that system but as we track the system through the upcoming weekend it does hold off during the overnight hours tonight. so clouds will rule and there will be a few showers developing in the predawn hours especially the farther west you are from philadelphia, drier east during the morning hours. 66 in atlantic city, the same for philadelphia and reading. at 65 degrees. as we time this for future tracker at 8:30 tomorrow morning you can see the rain already approaching those far western suburbs but if you're in philadelphia or at the shore, it is dry tomorrow morning. the rain starts to intensify along i-95 at noon. at the shore a few sprinkles developing. heavier rains where you're
4:21 pm
seeing the brighter colors on future tracker and then it starts to really come down late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. at 6 o'clock even a few thunderstorms could develop especially south of philadelphia and again that heavy rain right through 11 o'clock especially. the farther north you are from the city but by sunday morning at 8 o'clock the rain is out of here and you can see we're developing some sunshine to begin the second half of the weekend. the heaviest of the rain will be from philadelphia north and west. that's where we have that flood watch in effect for saturday night into sunday morning where we could see more than 2-inches of rain here but farther south and east even though there's not a flood watch we could still get between one and 2-inches of rain for all of new jersey and southern delaware. so take a look here. weekend kickoff. not the prettiest here. heavy rain develops if the city, 74 degrees. the shore, it's cloudy during the morning hours and then that afternoon and evening rain really kicks in at 73. and it is a complete washout from start to finish in the poconos and very cool with a high of just 62 degrees.
4:22 pm
your four day at 4:00 heavy afternoon rain arriving tomorrow 74. breezy, some sun. on sunday 79 degrees, so there will be some healthy amount of clouds here sunday afternoon but it's going to be dry and then on monday it is picture perfect here. a little too late for the weekend at 84 degrees. and then some afternoon thunderstorms will pop on tuesday with a temperature of 78. so, we've got the philadelphia union in town tomorrow evening. stay home and watch it on 6abc because it is going to be a super soaker there at ppl park. >> you're saying maybe we should try to get monday off is that what you're saying. >> we could try. >> you go ask the boss and let us know. >> i know what the answer will be. >> me, too. all right, thanks, adam. two philadelphia eagles lent their support to ha habitat for humanity today. linebacker connor barwin and jason kelce toured the improvement store in point breeze. habitat sells furniture home
4:23 pm
goods building supplies and everything is available at a low price because it's all donated from the community. in turn all of the proceeds support the construction of affordable housing for low income families. >> that's great. >> yeah. >> still ahead it's freebie friday and from hoagie to ice treatment to movie tickets we have all kinds of summer fun that won't cost you a single time. that's coming up at 4:30. >> up next a chaotic scene on septa bus. the fight between two passengers that ended up with one in the hospital and the other in jail. >> and why a five-year-old little girl's name is creating quite an uproar. we'll till what it is and why it's created a bit of a scary situation for her family coming up in big talkers. >> ♪♪
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>> one person is in the hospital after a fight led to a stabbing on a septa bus. happened just before
4:27 pm
10 o'clock this morning on a route j bus heading west. septa police say two passengers got into a fight and one stabbed the other. medics took that person to einstein. they haven't told us the names of anybody involved or how badly anyone was hurt. >> five men are accused of trying hire prostitutes during an undercover sting in montgomery county. today prosecutors announce the arrest of wellington bravo richard bruno joseph dalessandro adam golden and johnny parker. each allegedly agreed to pay money for prostitutes in response to an online advertisement. police placed the fake ad as a setup to target the sex trade in king of prussia.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues. >> hello again. it's 4:30 "action news" continues with the accuweather forecast for your -- [laughter] >> i'll stick around. >> i was going the walk away but let me hear what's going on. >> need a team of people by me because no one is going to be happy. >> not a complete washout. >> not the whole weekend but tomorrow is pretty much. as we take a look right now at double scan live radar because we have rain that's pushing into the ohio valley and the tennessee valley. that heavy rain will be spreading to the east. first thing tomorrow in the western suburbs heading to the coast during the afternoon. so a flood watch will go into
4:30 pm
effect tomorrow afternoon through sunday morning for philadelphia all points to the north and west and also including new castle county in delaware so the southern parts of delaware and all of new jersey right now not under the flood watch because north and west is where we expect over 2-inches of rain with the possibility of flooding and just to our south in southern parts of delaware but mainly through virginia and parts of west virginia that is where we could see severe weather tomorrow with this system because we're going to see so much cloud cover and rain we'll have very little in the way of storms developing from philadelphia off to the north. it will just be heavy rain that could prompt some of that flooding. so, i know there's a big game tomorrow philadelphia unity evening at 7 o'clock and we're calling it a super soaker. i know we have channel six day down there and some folks going to be there to sign autographs but i'd say go and join us, if you have a poncho, an umbrella something to keep you completely dry head in but otherwise watch it here on
4:31 pm
6abc. the starting temperature just 72 degrees. by the 90th minute our temperature coming in at 70 degrees but we do again salvage at least the second half of the weekend. on sunday the sunshine returns in the morning and then clouds start to build during the afternoon and temperatures over the weekend only stay in the 70's and again we'll take a look back at double scan live radar for you here to show you that that rain continues to pull now east of cincinnati into tennessee valley and that is what, again, is going to bring us a couple inches of rain especially philadelphia off to the north. we give those spic numbers in future tracker in the full accuweather forecast. >> just as we were starting to dry out. >> we're back in the thick of it again. >> all right. >> adam thanks. turning now to a video many of you may have seen by now, it involves the arrest of a man on a septa train yesterday. under normal circumstances that may not be considered news but this man was holding his young daughter at the time and the video has now gone viral. "action news" reporter chad pradelli is live in center
4:32 pm
city to explain what really happened. hey chad. >> reporter: hey sharrie that video went viral and just moments ago septa wrapped up a press conference to respond to that video. i want to show it to you right now. many people haven't seen what may be the most disturbing part of it. here it is. you can see the septa police officer grab the father by the neck and should have him with daughter in hand against the rail car. septa police chief tom nestell said he's troubled by what happened. here's how it unfolded 5:00 p.m. on the market street el. he says the man evaded his fare. the officer engaged the man in conversation told him to leave the platform so he could receive a citation. they engaged in conversation for about five to seven minutes. the man refused. finally the man was handcuffed and cited after that should have you saw a short time ago
4:33 pm
but cleve nestell seemed saddened by the encounter as he talked just a short time ago. >> i never want a child's safety to be jeopardized. this is the type of incident that causes us to reflect on what we tell our police officers and how we tell them. obviously we have to go back to the drawing board. while a successful campaign to reduce crime worked for us, it didn't work yesterday afternoon for a little child. >> reporter: and chief nestell says that officer when asked why he didn't just diffuse the situation maybe leave he told his supervisor that he was afraid that he might get in trouble for not citing the man for evading his fare. the septa police chief had a concerted effort against fare evaders because he says it has reduced crime by -- felony crimes by almost 30 percent in
4:34 pm
2014. what should have happened? chief nestell does not know. he says at the end of the encounter after the man was cited he apologized to the officer, the father with his child and said he did not comply and the two shook hands but obviously septa is troubled by exactly what happened. they're going to review their policies to see if they can handle a sort of situation like this better. chief nestell says it doesn't happen very often. as for the officer involved, he was not named. chief nestell says he was within his rights do what he did but obviously they want to look at their policies and procedures to see if they can handle this better. live outseed septa headquarters, chad pradelli channel6 "action news"." >> breaking news from the sports world. >> it involves ryne sandberg. we're told he has stepped down as manager of the team. this comes during a tough year for the phillies. they've only won a third of their games this year and they're the worst team in
4:35 pm
baseball. "action news" reporter an mee mccormick is live at nd park at citizens bank park with reaction from fans on this news. >> reporter: sharrie sandberg says he came to the decision on his own. he says what got to him was the accumulation of losses. he says that is what was weighing on him and that's what helped him to come to his decision to leave the team. he says he felt if it happened sooner rather than later so that the phillies could move forward. he didn't want to hold anybody back. sandberg addressed the media in a surprise 3:30 press conference today. the former phillies second baseman and also long time chicago cub and hall of famer came aboard as interim manage injury before his promotion to manager almost three years ago. today he said he didn't know if he was going to be part of the phillies future but ruben amaro in the press conference also told the media that sandberg's decision was stunning to the team as well and we caught up with a number of fans that were heading to tonight's game which doesn't happen still for another couple hours.
4:36 pm
some said they feel it was a good decision. they thought it was best for sandberg to leave on his own. others saying they wish he had stuck it out for the rest of the season. back out here live sandberg talked about the philadelphia fans saying in the press conference he's met some of the most passionate phillies fans. he says that they always gave me encouragement something that he wanted the fans to know. again, at this point they're still waiting to see who will become manager who will take his place but right now many of the fans also telling us it won't change how they feel about the team. many of the phillies fans saying that even when they're in last place they're still phillies fans, even when they're in first place but he's definitely a major part of the team a-former philly himself and he'll be missed. some of us telling us that going to the game tonight is definitely going to be sad. for now reporting live in south philadelphia, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> annie thank you. we'll have continuing coverage of ryne sandberg's resignation throughout the evening but in the meantime we want to know was think about the move.
4:37 pm
tweet us using the #six #6abcaction. in other news we're learning more about the events leading up to a police chase that turned a two car crash in new castle county and police say 30-year-old d. >> reporter::vigil:dr a morris an 17-year-old boy allegedly broke into two homes in wilmington and hockessin yesterday. a 91-year-old woman had her purse stolen. she was also roughed up. the second homeowner was able to escape and call 911. when police tracked down morris and the teen the duo took off eventually crashing into another car near the intersection of limestone and little baltimore roads. both morris and the juvenile are now facing a number of charges including robbery and lek less endangerment. a former atlantic city police officer is going to prison for sexually assaulting a teenage are last year. a judge sentenced 45-year-old andre corbin to five years behind bars today. corbin admitted to having relations with the then 16-year-old girl at least once including a time in his patrol
4:38 pm
car while he was on duty. as part of his conviction corbin will have to register under megan's law. >> federal emergency workers are in new jersey assessing the destruction from tuesday's storms. the state suffered an estimated $31 million worth of damage but according to governor chris christie state police and state attorneys have said they do not need a disaster declaration. he left the option open though to declare one if it's necessary to get relief to residents more quickly. more than 72,000 customers are still without power. delaware's very first medical marijuana clinic is now operating in wilmington. the first state compassion center opened today. registered card holders at the delaware department of health can use the marijuana to treat symptoms of cancer, alzheimer's disease and other conditions. they also need certification from a doctor and must be a delaware resident. >> some young football players had a chance to learn from the pros this week at the
4:39 pm
university of delaware. the youth camp featured a lesson from former blue hens mike adams and geno grakowski. they picked up skills. >> there's a big triathlon this weekend in philadelphia and one young athlete has overcome some big odds to tackle this test of endurance. "action news" anchor monica malpass is live in the news room tonight with that story. >> hey sharrie. doing a triathlon is huge for most people and quite an accomplishment but for a local teen this is about more than just getting a medal and here's why. steven stuart is a cancer survivor who was treated at children's hospital of philadelphia. and this weekend's event does benefit cancer research at chop so it's his way of giving back. the day will be a family affair too. check it out. even his little four-year-old brother is helping steven get ready for the race. we'll tell you about it. plus, it is the perfect time of year to enjoy the
4:40 pm
fruits of new jersey's labor. we'll take you inside the sweet operations at some local blueberry farms. enough to make your mouth water. we'll have those stories and more coming up soon, guys. see you then. >> got my mouth wateringying already. thanks, monica. man's best friend was the guest of honor at a delaware fire station today. take a look. plenty of pet owners and their dogs showed up at fire station seven in newark for a special presentation. six pet oxygen masks were donated to the fire company just in case fido or fluffy are overcome by smoke inhalation. the masks were provided by the newark fire department. delaware is one of the first states in the country provide pet oxygen maps to all of its fire companies through the state. >> very unique. still to come at 4:00 an edition of freebie friday all about summer fun. where you can find everything from hoagies to outdoor movies to concerts for free. >> an arizona mom says she
4:41 pm
loves the name she picked for her daughter before it got her run off the road. what's making strangers lash out when they see her little girl's moniker on the back of her car and why she chose the name in the first place. >> ever sit down at the end of the day and ask yourself where did the day go. >> yes. >> a new government survey calculates that. why and how we're spending our time on day-to-day basis may actually surprise you. >> and meteorologist adam joseph is back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues in just a moment.
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4:43 pm
>> we've got breaking news right now. one of the killers who escaped from an upstate new york prison has been shot by police and killed. we are still looking for more details as this again is a breaking story but officers found richard matt and they ended up shooting him. again, he has been recorderred
4:44 pm
dead. matt had been on the run for the last 20 days along with david sweat. police say they are still looking for sweat right now. we'll bring you more information on air and online as soon as we get it. >> turning to health check at 4:00 if you've ever felt there's not enough time in the day you're not alone. a new government study says the average workday got longer last year. americans spent an average of seven hours and 48 minutes in the office every day. that's up 12 minutes from the year before. we also slept a little longer and we dedicated about three hours divided between shopping, caring for family, housework and eating and for alicia also shopping. if you add it all up, that comes out to about five hours for other tasks including the daily commute. the labor department polled more than 11,000 americans in the new survey. did i get that right alicia. >> wow busted. i have a kid so i haven't been sleeping as much. here at the big board with the big talkers. this mom in arizona says her
4:45 pm
daughter's name is perfect. what it stands for and how she embodies it but not everyone agrees with her choice. you see this is five-year-old isis and she's named not for the terror organization but for the egyptian goddess who is considered the ideal woman or mother. isis also happens to suffer from a rare condition called rhett's syndrome. her mom sold these stickers that read hashtag team isis. the reaction has been pretty intense even scary for the family and friends who have been investigated by the fbi just for displaying it. >> people are trying to run me off the road. people flipping me off. cursing at me. people saying you should really change her name. that's not an appropriate name, that's a disgrace to america. ly. >> martinez says she will not change isis's name and will continue to fight for other girls with that condition and
4:46 pm
with that name. finally, kelly ripa recently died her hair pink, kendal yearn has been doing some teal kind of thing and men not be left out of left out. green is also making some waves as well. i mean, literal waves. look at those curls. got the styling going on there and everything. how about blue to match your eyes perhaps? adam you could rock that one. you could do a whole multi-colored thing if you just can't seem to make up your mind and if you can't commit to the whole coif, these guys are rocking just the beard dip. going to show you right here on the big board. kind of a splash of color. rick i felt like the mustache a little splash. >> when i eat cake sometimes i get like a -- right here. >> we'll have to pick a color for him. >> we'll think about that. >> let me know.
4:47 pm
>> fuscia. >> oh, fuscia. >> how do you like that? >> i'm not sure. that's purple i- >> yeah, close to purple. let's get another check on the roads tonight. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with an upday. what do you think, matt. >> drivers are seeing shades of red this evening because of a very colorful afternoon commute that's for sure rick and sharrie. colorful meaning lots of issues as you head home including this crash on 95 northbound side. you may remember earlier we had a disabled vehicle northbound by allegheny. luckily that's out of the way as is our broken down vehicle on the vine street expressway westbound by the ben franklin parkway. so, now the lanes are opened in both of those locations but traffic is still moving slowly. have two separate accidents on the schuylkill near belmont both off to the side so again lanes opened but traffic in them not moving very quickly and the same is true here on 95 in delco. northbound a long slow crawl from the state line up to approaching the blue route. that's where there's another crash take out the right lane.
4:48 pm
not so far weigh from that we've got an overturned truck in concorde township along ivy mills road and unfortunately no positive progress yet along baltimore pike southbound. that's still blocked as well in concorde township. headed up to the poconos thicke this weekend watch out on the northeast extension approaching lehigh valley there's a crash on the shoulder. plenty of slowing if you're mountain bound on this friday afternoon. we'll check it again rick and sharrie coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> thank you. >> another look at that exclusive accuweather forecast when we come back.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
>> adam is back. the tall ships yesterday the big rubber ducky. you'll need a rubber ducky tomorrow. >> yeah, the rubber ducky is going to have a lot of fun. you need the rain jacket,
4:51 pm
poncho galoshes. >> television remote. >> inside is a good place to be. as you take a look at double scan radar all is quiet. we have a couple of sprinkles in southern parts of burlington county and a new near the lehigh valley but we've got a mixture of sunshine and clouds for the most part out there we've got a wind really starting to kick up off of the ocean out of the east. that's dropping the numbers into the lower 70's matching that ocean seven right now temperature right now. inland low 70's to 80's. it's a poet tender low right now south of she can west of cincinnati sparking severe weather. thunderstorm watch boxes lighting up parts of the tennessee valley and all of this is aiming in our direction. on future tracker clouds will be here tomorrow morning and at 9 o'clock it will already be raining in those far western suburbs of philadelphia but if you're at the shore tomorrow morning it will be dry for the start of your saturday, maybe even up until noon you could just see
4:52 pm
the cloud cover at the shore but that's when the showers start to pull into wilmington, philadelphia and trenton and then it turns steadier and heavier as you get deeper into the afternoon and early evening hours tomorrow. at 6:30 thunderstorms will be developing and any thunderstorms south of the city tomorrow could couldn't train very strong winds with them and then that heavy rain continues during the middle and latter part of the evening. this is 9:30 and finally it's really not until about midnight to 3 a.m. that that rain pulls away early on sunday morning and at noon on sunday, we will see a decent amount of sunshine across the area but clouds will start to filter back in sunday afternoon but sunday for the most part also looks to be dry. so, what we're expecting here, a flood watch will go into effect tomorrow afternoon into sunday morning for philadelphia, all points to the west. does not include new jersey or southern parts of delaware. rainfall between one and 2-inches and even more than 2-inches in that flood watch zone for philadelphia and southeastern pennsylvania.
4:53 pm
the heaviest rain 2:00 p.m. through midnight on saturday and then even a gusty thunderstorm possible in far southern zones. pocono forecast 62 a washout tomorrow. and then mostly cloudy on sunday, 67. moderate risk for rip currents this evening and throughout the day tomorrow with temperatures at 72 it's going to be a strong wind off the water. windy with afternoon rain developing tomorrow, 73. and brighter but breezy on sunday, a better day for the shore at 78. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 74 tomorrow. again, that very heavy rain coming in in the afternoon. drying out on sunday with some sun at 79. beautiful here on monday, 84 degrees before another front arrives with a few downpours and storms tuesday at 87. then wednesday, thursday looking pretty nice. mid 80's for highs and the day before the fourth of july a-few showers and thunderstorms with a temperature of 84 degrees. so, we get at least the wet weather out of here for the first half of the weekend. >> the cold also. >> next weekend is the holiday i keep forgetting.
4:54 pm
already. >> summer is over. >> yeah. >> we'll be right back. >> not the hot weather though. >> we'll be right back.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
>> it's free food fun and fireworks edition of freebie friday. this coming thursday it is wawa hoagie day with free hoagies to feast on at independence mall. wawa is handing them out in honor of local and national heroes. it's happening july seconds from noon to 1:30 on market between fifth and sixth streets. an annual tradition and it. also part of the wawa welcome america festivities starting this monday four museums offering free admission every day through july 2nd. a different museum will offer free admission to guests. there's a whole list on our web site. the philly at the movies presenting a free screening of disney's big hero six at franklin square on tuesday. it's annie at dillworth park and wednesday rocky on the art
4:57 pm
museum steps so lots of free movies for you the first three days of next week. tomorrow night as part of the tall ships festival the great plaza at pens landing is hosting a free concert from the united states army band at 8 o'clock followed by fireworks. and then again at the great plaza next thursday the philadelphia orchestra will also perform for free at 8:00. that's also followed by fireworks. it's a whole schedule and run down on you guys have a great weekend. >> you too. >> that's it for "action news" at 4:00. now for rick williams, brian taff, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. >> "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody meteorologist cecily tynan rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪♪ >> good evening. we begin this half hour with breaking news. one of two escaped murderers has been shot and can killed by police in upstate new york. >> details are just coming in right now. what we do know is that it is richard matt who was shot by law enforcement just after 4:00 near malone new york. we know david sweat is still on the loose but officials say they are closing in on him. of course matt and sweat have
5:00 pm
been on the run for nearly three weeks after breaking out of their cells using power tools. we will of course keep you posted on this breaking news story as more information becomes available to us. >> all right, turning to other news now it's been a deadly day overseas. three attacks in three countries, one at a factory in france that is based in lehigh county. >> it was a gruesome attack that's hit home for a business here in our area. a man rams a car into the factory triggering an explosion and a businessman was beheaded. the suspect is a local truck driver and the man found decapitated was his boss. the gas factory where it all happened belongs to a company based in upper mcewen township and that's where john rawlins is. he joins us lie with the very latest. hi, john. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. the company involved is air products. it's a big industrial player worldwide. it is a bigler here in allentown, more than 3,000


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